Digest of Case Studies in February 2017

In this digest: Analyzing a new IT product for a bank, Online calculating and contracting service, Visualization of the delivery capacity for warehouses, Business automation for franchise expansion.

Александр Бындю
Александр Бындю · 1 марта 2017
IT-архитектор · Эксперт в Agile и Lean · Основатель компании Byndyusoft

Analysing a New IT Product for a Bank

A client — a local bank — had old-fashioned offline software that used for its business clients for managing accounts remotely. A legacy IT-product required a complicated installation on a customer’s computer, setting up complicated software for data protecting and adjusting security settings.

The bank’s customers asked them to modernize the accounting system but the bank had no experience in interviewing clients, gathering requirements, and had never used Customer Development. The bank’s owner wanted to be sure that a new IT-product would achieve his business goals, so project managers from the bank asked Byndyusoft to create a professional strategic plan.

Online Calculating and Contracting Service

SCANIA RUS, is a distribution company in Russia, needed to create a public web application for an online calculating and contracting service. It was intended to calculate costs and maintenance programs for vehicles.

Byndyusoft worked on the publication of internal corporate data online. We created an isolated application that actively uses business logic and provides our users with internal corporate data.

We used techniques such as Impact Mapping, eXperience Process Mapping, and User Story Mapping. These tools helped us to dive into business goals and strategy.

Visualization of the Delivery Capacity for Warehouses

An on­line re­tail­er wanted to have a system that could promise a precise delivery date and time based on the delivery capacity of the warehouses, limits of delivery options and the quantity of parcels that need to be shipped.

To achieve this goal we invented a concept called time slots. A time slot is a combination of time intervals with their workload levels, limits of delivery options, and the time after which a slot should be closed for ordering.

Business Automation for Franchise Expansion

Top managers in a client’s company wanted to find a new way to manage business affairs because growth had become stagnant. The managers planned to delegate management functions to partners via franchise thereby freeing their time to invest and expand business into new countries.

To achieve the client’s business goals, we began with IT product analysis. We built a strategic plan by mapping business objectives with assumptions and restrictions.