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Do you know your goals?

At the beginning we analyze your business with you, help to define business goals and dive in only if we can benefit.
Here we go!
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First big steps

We start continious delivery from the first week of development. From the first step to the very end, we do everything it takes to lower the risks.
Cool. But how?
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How we work

We use Agile methodology for every project. Every day we delight you with the process and results. We love it so much.
How does it work?

Everything is transparent

At every point in time you see and know what's going on, when and what the result will be. We don't have any managers, the team speaks directly to you.
Are we there yet?
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We did it!

After each glorious finale we retrospect everything that we've done and set new goals to reach
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Clients About Us

Valery Dyachenko, Business Applications Director, Moscow

Byndyusoft improved the efficiency of the e-commerce system from 80 to 400 checkouts per minute. The team communicates well and works in an Agile fashion, making it easy to change project requirements. They also took the time to understand the needs of the client before beginning the project.
Retail · E-commerce · Integration · Microservices

Alex Kirichenko, Director, Web UX and Design, Radware New York

Developers at Byndyusoft were able to deliver custom code solutions for multiple web projects in a short period of time. I have been very satisfied by their attention to detail, level of responsibility and knowledge demonstrated by each member of the team.

Radware Corporate Portal

Inquiry System Integration

Integration · CMS · Web

Roman Neskin, Project Manager at ForexClub PODGORICA

Byndyusoft is very flexible for the needs of the clients and is able to adjust itself for the required processes, which is highly valuable and is a rare thing to see nowadays. When the programmers of Byndyusoft were working on my project, I realized that flexible methods of software development can really reduce the lead times and improve quality.
Internet Trading · UX · Web

Andrei Tsidin CEO and co-founder at Adbus CHELYABINSK

We have started our collaboration gradually, with care. The confidence and trust we have with Byndyusoft was achieved in the development process. Byndyusoft is very flexible with changing requirements because when you are developing a real life IT-product there is no way to plan all of its aspects in advance. At this time Byndyusoft is responsible for all IT tasks for our Public Transport Television project.
Business Analysis · UX · Data Visualization · Web · Android · Cloud · Microservices · Big Data

Yury Orlov, CEO at Enterprise Architecture, SmartArchitects, LEADing Practice ® Moscow

The guys are very actively immersed in the business problems of the client, thereby they achieve an optimal combination of quality and speed of product creation. At Byndyusoft the people are responsive, involveed and care about what they create. They really have the experience to solve nonstandard issues.
BPM · Integration · Electronic Documents · Secure Exchange · UX · Web

Vladimir Ivichev, CEO at Moscow

I've been working with Byndyusoft since 2014. I would like to note the thoughtfulness and desire to understand the client's business needs by each team member. They are highly responsible and gave me excellent business results. As a bonus, we regularly received consultation during the process from Alexander Byndyu himself. I strongly recommend this company for IT-product development.

Sergey Mikhaylov, CTO at Neiron SIM Moscow

From my experience, I can say that a good many times I tried to give a full statement of work to the contractors, but in the course of work it always turned out that something important was left behind. During the cooperation with Byndyusoft, instead of long negotiations on SOW, we executed projects according to Agile with regular releases not less than once a week.
Low-level Programming · Web

Evgeny Yatsenko, Head of Web Department at Scania Moscow

First and foremost, the Byndyusoft team can be recommended because of its ability to create products which can easily be integrated into the current infrastructure of an enterprise. Moreover, there is always a possibility of “on the fly” project adaptation to the ever-changing business requirements. The final result is fast, flexible and solid.
CRM · Web · Integration

George Mikaberydze, CEO, 100andMore Corporation Moscow

Byundyusoft’s work has very few bugs, and the team offers professional feedback on requirements and requests. They exceed expectations in communication and dedication to the project.
Alternative Business Card Mobile Product
Microservices · Big Data · Cloud · Business Analysis
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There is a list of industries where we have a real experience. Every field has at least one launched product with success.

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There is a list of industries where we have a real experience. Every field has at least one launched product with success.