Digest of Case Studies in July 2017

In this digest: Miss Russia Contest, Programming Virtual SIM Cards, a Chatbot and Microservices.

Александр Бындю
Александр Бындю · 13 июля 2017
IT-архитектор · Эксперт в Agile и Lean · Основатель компании Byndyusoft

’Miss Russia’ became 3x cheaper and 40x faster with Microservices, pure PaaS and Cloud

The Miss Russia National Contest is the biggest Russian project in the fashion industry. Qualifying rounds are held throughout the country and attract 75,000 girls.

97% of internet traffic and 100% of user votes fall between 2 weeks in April. In this short period a website has to process 2,000,000 visitors and 750,000 votes.

Programming Virtual SIM Cards for Switching between Mobile Operators

Develop and install a Java application directly onto a SIM card on a cell phone. The application changes the current mobile operator by rewriting a secure identifier on the SIM card.

The switching process is managed remotely by a web service where a user can change a mobile operator through web interface.

A Chatbot for Public Events

Business people who organize conferences wanted to give the opportunity for attendees to find online information about an event through messengers like Skype or Telegram.

Attendees prefer texting to a chatbot over communicating with native applications or websites. It’s really simple to ask whether a meeting has already started, vote for a speaker, chat with each other and/or speakers in one place.

Collecting Public Procurement Data with the help of Microservices

A SaaS-product must keep all public procurements that are being published in a country up to date.

The web service uses this information to forecast who will be the winner in a public procurement, the probability of winning, and a supplier’s statistic of wins and participations.