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Александр Бындю
Александр Бындю · 3 марта 2016
IT-архитектор · Эксперт в Agile и Lean · Основатель компании Byndyusoft

I would be really grateful if you could help.

My company develops software for complicated domains and implements highload projects. We’ve worked with big e-commerce, outdoor advertising and financial companies in Russia, Europe, Israel, USA and England.

We are now ready for new challenges and new clients. What kind of clients are we looking for? We are looking for clients who already understand that achieving business value can only be realized in close cooperation with a motivated team. These clients appreciate small releases, frequent feedback and other practices of Agile and Lean, as we do.

If you can recommend us or have any possible leads, it would be great! Please contact me with any questions via email sales@byndyusoft.com or skype alexander.byndyu