A Chatbot for Public Events

Business people who organize conferences wanted to give the opportunity for attendees to find online information about an event through messengers like Skype or Telegram.

Attendees prefer texting to a chatbot over communicating with native applications or websites. It’s really simple to ask whether a meeting has already started, vote for a speaker, chat with each other and/or speakers in one place.

A common problem with public events is that sometimes events are rescheduled due to organizational and technical delays and it becomes almost impossible to know when a certain session actually starts.


We’ve developed a chatbot for a business event. The entire audience of the event was covered by two messengers: Skype and Telegram, since the other messengers were less popular.

REST API was developed using Microsoft Bot Framework — a platform that allows to write an application once, and then create chatbots through a web interface for instant messengers in a matter of 5 minutes.

Chatbot has a moderator’s mode in which messages could be sent to all participants. This feature provides up-to-date information about upcoming sessions and speeches.


80% of attendees used our chatbot for navigation and chatting with each other.

The organizers communicated with the participants of the event through public communication channels using the messengers that all visitors already had. Participants received the necessary information about the conference in real time.

With the developed software we can build a chatbot for any conference in one day.

80% of attendees
used our chatbot
5 min needed
to add support for a new messenger
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