Fraud Detection Dashboard UI

Credit suppliers trade useless credit applications to other credit suppliers who may find them useful.

If these applications don’t have enough information or the information is incorrect, a buyer issues a claim. Both the seller and the buyer were found cheating. One sold bad applications intentionally, and the other put claims on the good applications.

To stop the fraud the moderators need to decide quickly and precisely who is the cause.


Byndyusoft designed a dashboard for the moderators to collect the claims and analyze them to prevent fraud.

For example, the moderator can see the accumulation of claims from the buyers and a mass upload of credit applications from a specific supplier who has never supplied such an amount. This data is aligned historically to help find the causal relations. The moderator decides if the supplier is trying to sell bad applications. Such claims are organized in a queue with the most suspicious cases on top. In composition with the applicant’s call history the moderators get the full scope of a problem and make clear decisions on who is defrauding.


Moderators don’t spend time gathering information. They analyze the facts and make a decision. All decisions are summed up internally and now there’s no way to cheat without being noticed.

10 seconds
from the witness to decision
zero hours
to learn to use the dashboard
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