Programming Virtual SIM Cards for Switching between Mobile Operators

Develop and install a Java application directly onto a SIM card on a cell phone. The application changes the current mobile operator by rewriting a secure identifier on the SIM card.
The switching process is managed remotely by a web service where a user can change a mobile operator through web interface.

Byndyusoft found two solutions for this challenge:

  1. Create a special mobile phone that can rewrite information on a SIM card
  2. Use a JavaCard for switching a secure identifier inside its own card by a Java Applet.

We bought and tested hardware and software for low-level SIM card programming. Both of these solutions were implemented and demonstrated in a real life environment.

A user can choose a mobile operator remotely, buy a new mobile service, and change the current mobile operator to a selected one via a web service or a mobile application.

Впервые в моей практике команда не просто сделала задачу по ТЗ, а разобралась в бизнес-ценности и эффективно делала частую поставку релизов по Agile.
Сергей Михайлов, технический директор в Neiron SIM

An application for a SIM card and a web service were implemented and tested successfully.

A car service company and a bus service company are using SIM cards to navigate and connect to the Internet. As an owner you can link a geographical location to the cheapest mobile operator in a particular location. The web service will automatically switch a mobile operator depending on the location of the car or bus.

Infinite times
to rewrite a mobile operator on one SIM card
One SIM card
needed for as many operators as you want
Only one minute
for switching between mobile services
Hardware · Java · Low-level Programming · Web