About Us

Meticulously creating the core of your IT-product, making sure it runs fast and smooth.
Weekly Demo
We meet to review what we’ve done during the week.
Pursuing your IT-product goals and creating a pleasing user experience for your customers.

Who We Are


We constantly update our knowledge by attending and organizing conferences, attending training sessions and reading good books.

We pass on our knowledge to local universities and in seminars about technology and soft-skills. We even take part in public talks on legislation and country development strategies.

Culture Makers

Our employees go through three steps to get into our company. They develop a test application, they pass a technical interview and they pass an interview with our CEO to make sure they fit and share our culture. Using this process we hire the best developers with the proper technical culture.

As a result, we have only a 5% employment turnover annually.

Public Action

We provide training for students in the local universities and organize IT summer school.

Alexander Byndyu is a part of the Supervisory Board of CSU. He also attends the meetings at the Ministry of IT and Communication.

Our values

Ready Process

We have an approved process called Product Discovery that can guaranteed to identify a client’s business goals, or show how to modernize existing business models.

Our values

Direct Communication

There is no middle-man. The team speaks directly with the client to immerse them into the process and achieve the desired result.

Our values


We are always transparent — you know what we do and understand what result you will get.

Each week we meet for planning and a demo. We also do standups every day.

We make several releases to gather feedback from stakeholders or final users.

Our values

Sustainable Pace

We continuously deliver from day one. Our architecture is flexible, our code is constantly being tested and work is automated. These things let us keep a sustainable pace of weekly releases and an IT-product that will be extendible even in the late stages of development.

Lead Team

Alexander Byndyu
CEO, Agile&Lean Expert, IT architect
  • Fostering the best IT-culture in companies
  • Transforming monolithic systems into microservices
  • Coaching developers and managers
  • Consulting IT-companies
  • Personal blog about my experiences
Andrew Shapiro
Art Director
  • Art direction and design coaching
  • Product discovery activities
  • Customer Development expert
  • Managing the full cycle of product development
  • Lecturing in universities
Yana Milberger
Head of Accounting
  • Managing financial documents
  • Able to manage a long business relationship
  • An expert in juridical and account procedures with international clients
— We are ready for the challenges you throw at us
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